Website and Social Media workgroup

Website and Social Media workgroup

Our group discussed how to utilize the website and social media to increase communication and collaboration of the FSCA and our work.

Kristen shared some insight and there are resources in live binder about this topic.

Of note, Facebook is a good platform to engage families and Twitter is a good platform to engage professionals.  If we want to increase our followers, we need to follow others.

Our purpose is to:

  • provide information
  • provide concrete positive steps for family-school collaboration
  • be strategic and explicit
  • share work from our group and any of us professionally
  • teach and model collaboration
  • share specific collaboration steps and ideas
  • share strategies (recognize) schools and districts who have done good work in this area
  • use memes to communicate important ideas
  • to help educators and families shift to being proactive and positive in the way they approach issues of child and youth behavior

Next steps:

  1. please follow our group on Twitter
  2. create a  FSCA Facebook page/account
  3. create suggested hashtag list for us to use when we post
  4. delegating social media tasks, to include potential use of a student and/or others from our group who are highly active and interested

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